Global Partnership and International Expansion Support
Global Partnership and International Expansion Support
Impact locally, connect globally

World in You connects Japan and other countries by supporting international expansion, fundraising, and research for mission-driven organizations.

Program target



Collaborate with global partners for greater social impact



Enhance corporate social value at the global level


Japan is sometimes referred to as a country with advanced social issues. On the other hand, people outside of Japan often ask, "Does Japan have social issues?" There are indeed various social issues as well as innovative approaches to address these challenges in Japan. World in You thinks it is a lost opportunity that these are not known and connected globally.

World in You aims to bridge the gap by supporting the international expansion of mission-driven organizations with global partnerships, fundraising, research, and consulting. Connecting locally impactful players at the global level can accelerate their important works to better the world.

Why partner with us?

Why partner with us?
1. Network
Most of our members have lived in both Japan and other countries. Utilize our extensive networks and knowledge in the social and business sectors.
2. Client-oriented coordination
Our support starts with holistically understanding our clients’ goals and needs. This process helps us work as part of your team to proactively identify and connect with global partners.
3. Cross-cultural communication
Meaningful global partnerships require careful contextual, cultural, and language interpretation rather than merely connecting players or information in different countries. We explore effective ways to communicate across differences together with our clients.


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    We have helped Japanese nonprofit and social enterprises to raise funding from MIT SOLVE, Impact Challenge, and Dubai Expo 2021.

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    International expansion

    We help nonprofits and social enterprises to identify global partners, seek help from overseas mentors, advisors, and volunteers, and promote their work overseas.

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    Nominated for World Summit Award

    World in You is the WSA National Expert of Japan, responsible for the national pre-selection of entries to the WSA, a global award system for local digital innovation to improve society. We nominate entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs every year. (Please contact us for details.)

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    We conduct research on various issues around the social impact in Japan and other countries to meet our clients’ needs. Our past work includes social impact assessment, corporate social responsibility, educational policies, and more. We also coordinate research interviews and field visits to connect the social sector of Japan and other countries.


  • Thanks to the support from World in You, WheeLog! was selected as one of the WSA Global Champions in 2019, which accelerated our international expansion. We took advantage of the opportunity to apply for other awards, and were selected as MIT SOLVER and Dubai Expo Global Innovator. Receiving global awards has positively affected how people, especially the media and companies, perceive WheeLog! in Japan.
    Yuriko Oda

    Yuriko Oda
    Founder & CEO

  • We conducted overseas researches with Mio Yamamoto, Executive Director of World in You (former WIT). It is reassuring to work with World in You for her understanding of our needs, expertise, and a strong commitment to supporting the projects. I hope that World in You will continue to interweave the wisdom and power of people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds to create a better society!
    Eri Mizutani

    Eri Mizutani
    Kaze to Tsubasa