In the World in You x Org Interview Series, we shine a spotlight on the trailblazing impact organizations and visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to forging a brighter, more sustainable society.

This time, we will speak with Dr. Jonghun Sun, the DEI Initiative Team Lead at the Korean nonprofit organization Root Impact.

Root Impact, established in 2012 in Korea, has been supporting impact-oriented organizations through community offices, career support for impact-driven youth, and the creation and distribution of impact funds. Additionally, to leverage the rich experiences of women with children, they provide employment support and run childcare facilities.

For the past four years, World in You has been committed to the theme of "Women's Empowerment." In countries like Korea and Japan, which rank 105th and 125th respectively on the Gender Gap Index, learning from neighboring initiatives is crucial. This event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the impactful work of Root Impact and similar international nonprofits.

Don't miss this valuable opportunity to learn firsthand about the activities of Root Impact and to engage in meaningful discussions on advancing women's careers and social impact. We look forward to your registration!


Event details

When : July 24th, Wednesday, at 12:00-13:00 (Japan Time)

* The first 40 minutes will be an introduction to Root Impact's activities, and the last 20 minutes will be Q&A and dialogue.

Objective : To explore Root Impact's mission, vision, passion, and what they do, and to deepen our understanding of social issues.

Language : English

Fee: Free

RSVP : Sign up at the Peatix event page

Platform: Zoom (link provided via Peatix after sign-up)


Jonghun Sun, Ph.D., DEI Initiative Team Lead, Root Impact

Root Impact

Root Impact, a nonprofit organization established in 2012, discovers and supports changemakers who innovatively solve social and environmental issues. It fosters a sustainable ecosystem for their growth and leads initiatives for fair future education, sustainable cities, and workplace diversity and inclusion.

Notable projects include ‘HEYGROUND’, a community office for impact-oriented organizations like social ventures and enterprises; ‘’, supporting youth in starting and growing impact careers; and ‘Impact Philanthropy’, connecting impact-first capital with impact-oriented organizations.

Root Impact also operates ‘Re:Boot Camp’ for experienced women and ‘Forest for All Daycare Center’, a daycare center for social ventures.


World in You


* WE-Nagano: WE-Nagano (Women Entrepreneurs Nagano) is a project initiated by Nagano Prefectural University that supports everyone in living creatively as "myself." It encourages an entrepreneurial spirit in all individuals and promotes the idea of each person being an innovator.

WE-Nagano hosts a three-day global conference that focuses on thinking about the region from a global perspective and a feminine viewpoint, transcending nationality, gender, generation, and field to create the future together. Please register here.


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