Nonprofit Board and Governance Training
Nonprofit Board and Governance Training
Learn to make better decisions, govern, and manage for your organization to thrive

Virtual courses for non-profit boards and management teams as well as business persons who are interested in nonprofit governance and management.

Program target



Learn the basics of how to design, recruit, manage, and evaluate the board



Learn to think and act like a nonprofit board member

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Making good decisions and delivering results often presents challenges for a diverse group of people. This process starts and ends with effective governance. While the importance of governance has recently gained attention in Japan’s nonprofit sector, there is very little nonprofit board training.

World in You provides board and governance training for the board and management of mission-driven organizations and business persons who want to gain insights into the governance of such organizations. We support the process where people bring in diverse perspectives and resources and make good decisions to better the world.

Why join our program?

1. Rare opportunity to learn nonprofit board and governance in Japanese
We provide comprehensive and basic-to-advanced training on the nonprofit board and governance, one of a kind in Japan. 98% of our past participants answered the course was meaningful.
2. Action-oriented learning with case studies
You can apply learning to your organizational challenges after learning from a combination of lectures and case studies of Japanese and overseas organizations.
3. Flexible on-demand learning
A combination of on-demand and live sessions gives you the flexibility to learn at your own pace from wherever you like. We also provide customized training for individual organizations. Please feel free to contact us for details.
4. Flipped learning for effectiveness and efficiency
You can articulate your learning needs with pre-assigned videos and reading materials before a live session with a lecturer. This reverse classroom allows you to utilize the live session to ask questions and seek guidance to cater to your specific needs.

Program structure

Program structure

Anyone can take the courses that are currently accepting participants. In addition, we can also design and implement training tailored to your organizational needs. Please contact us for details.

Module 1. Pre-class assignment:

Work on key questions and worksheets and use videos and materials to prepare for a live session. You can study at your own pace.

Module 2. Live session:

Lecturer(s) discuss the assignments with the participants and answer their questions in a Zoom session. You can select a live session date from multiple choices.

Module 3. Put into action:

Let's apply what you learned in your organization. Share with the lecturer what went well and what was challenging.

Join the learning community:

Let's keep learning and practicing together even after the course is over! Feel free to join our SNS group with other participants to expand your networks and exchange information.


*All courses are only available in Japanese

  1. 1

    Reflecting on and evaluating the board

  2. 2

    New board member training

  3. 3

    Board composition and recruiting

  4. 4

    Three modes of governance


  • Successful entrepreneurs are good at utilizing their boards. World in You’s training is a valuable and helpful opportunity to learn how to manage the board. It is necessary to ask good "questions" to lead a good discussion on the board. Through this hands-on training, we believe that participants will become masters of asking "questions."
    Reiji Yamanaka

    Reiji Yamanaka
    Graduate School of Management
    GLOBIS University

  • I was able to learn about the nonprofit boards systematically. Though I had vague ideas about the board before, now I know the governance challenges for nonprofits and how to address them. It is essential to have different types of board members and diverse boards depending on the organizational size and situation. In doing so, I realized that trust among the team to share both strengths and weaknesses is critical.

    Social Venture Partners Tokyo

  • Through the courses, I could digest the terms "board" and "governance," which I couldn’t fully understand before.

    Yukio Oshima
    Executive Director
    Kizuna Mail Project

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