Nonprofit Board and Governance Consulting
Nonprofit Board and Governance Consulting
We help your board transform.

World in You helps nonprofits to build better boards and governance for greater mission impact with our consulting, facilitation, and workshop services.

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Take your board to the next level.


The board holds a critical decision-making role for nonprofits; however, many organizations fail to utilize the board. We are familiar with stories like “the management actually makes important decisions, and the board is not involved very much” or “we are not utilizing the diverse board members’ experiences and expertise.”

A board that can bring various perspectives based on trust and shared understanding, on the other hand, can provide powerful support to drive the organization’s mission and in times of emergency.

World in You wants to contribute to boards creating values to achieve organizations’ missions and purposes. We combine consulting, facilitation, and training services to cater to each organization’s needs.

Why partner with us?

1. One-of-a-kind nonprofit board consulting in Japan
While there are much nonprofit management training and consulting, there is little governance consulting in Japan. Our expertise can help your organization better its decision-making process.
2. Building your organization’s capability
We don’t just propose solutions to your proposed challenges, but start with understanding your organization holistically, discuss the best solutions and ways to help, and implement them with you. We value exploring questions like “What our organization needs from our board? How do we want to be as a board?” with you.
3. Learning from other organizations in Japan and overseas
How the board operates and how the governance mechanism works are like a black box, making it difficult to observe from the outside. At World in You, we have collected lessons and good practices from Japan and overseas.


*The following are examples of consulting topics. Please contact us for details.

  1. 1

    Reviewing and reforming the overall governance

    Organizational decision-making structure, relationships between the board of directors, voting members, and the management, and aligning the mission and the governance structure

  2. 2

    Board composition and recruiting board members

    What kind of board members are needed, where and how to recruit them, and onboarding of new board members

  3. 3

    Board evaluation and reflection

    Team and individual evaluation as the board, CEO evaluation, and utilizing the process and results for the future

  4. 4

    Board management

    Effective board management and setting board meetings’ agenda


  • … The roles of the board need to be customized as the stage of the business and organization change. … World in You knows about various boards. They helped us think about what our board should be, while offering objective perspectives and dealing with intangible people-to-people relationships.
    Keisuke Motoki

    Keisuke Motoki
    Board Chair
    Kamonohashi Project