Co-creating Programs
Co-creating Programs
Co-create with us for a better society.

Develop programs and businesses with World in You.

Program target



Design programs connecting people, organizations, society, and the future.



Design training and other programs to connect social impact, human capital development, and corporate purpose and management

Programs For SOCIAL Sector

We not only promote co-creation among our program participants, but World in You as an organization also has co-developed programs that emerged out of dialogue and discussion with various stakeholders.

Whether nurturing leaders and organizations that serve society, addressing social issues, advancing sustainability, or promoting volunteering, we are open to collaboration with our strengths in facilitation, relationship building, and global knowledge and networks in social innovation and sustainability.
We value our process of exploring each others’ intentions, perspectives, and strengths and how we can integrate them. Please visit our Report & Insight articles to learn about past works. We look forward to meeting your World!


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    Co-creation with mission-driven organizations: Design and implement programs to connect people, organizations, society, and the future.

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    Co-creation with for-profit corporations: Design and implement training and other programs to connect social impact, human capital development, and corporate purpose and management


  • As I witnessed the cutting edges of social, spiritual, and technology through dialogue, I quietly and deeply descended into myself. I asked myself who I am and what I was born to create in this world. This experience led me to become a contemporary artist. World in You is the one that invited me to the sea of creation.
    Kosuke Matsushima

    Kosuke Matsushima
    Contemporary Artist
    (and co-creator of Creation Journey)

  • As one of the project members, "Organization that Connects with People and Hearts," I have been working with World in You to support organizations that face challenges relating to people and organizations. In many organizations, top leaders brood over the problems by themselves. It is very fulfilling to support such leaders and work together.
    Izumi Shimazaki

    Izumi Shimazaki
    CRR Global Japan
    Facilitator for organization and community development

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with WIT for the last 5-6 years and have seen first-hand the amazing impact and positive change they have created in the young people on our programs.
    The way Mio and her team develop the workshops is very thoughtful and tremendously impactful. We will plan together in advance, but they adjust the content of each workshop as we go to fit to the needs of the group, each team, and individual. It takes a diverse knowledge of content and facilitation styles to be able to manage this, and they do it so well.
    Kaoru Utada

    Kaoru Utada
    Director of Programs & Partnerships
    U.S.-Japan Council

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